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Story Ideas

This Column?

Welcome to Haze 

(Working Title, can't even remember why I called it that.)

This is a fantasy story that includes a mouse, a bird, a monkey, 2 heros and a bad guy who wasn't always evil. Oh and an implosion of time. 

Follow me on the writing journey as I piece this togther. Look on The Haze page for the story itself. (Looking to publish 'free' on Kindle once it is finished.)

Need background for main bad guy. Need a name that works for the story aswell here’s what i have so far.

The country is ruled by a corrupt and harsh government. One that’s falling apart.

Born to a simple, peasant, family. A gentle family. 

His dad’s a farmer. They are poor. The whole village is poor. When he was born and as he grows his eyes are blue. He is happily helping on the farm from the moment he can stand. The village is raided by corrupt guards of the government and the wife killed. The village turn from a simple life to a village of peasant soldiers who team up with others to battle against the government. This happens when the boy is 13. The battles continues. The boy is seventeen in the battle where all lose. The battle we have in the chapter of the Dias.

He goes to the amethyst rock to prevent himself from being killed. He gains immortality. A hold over time. A wall sprouts out of the ground and splits the planet in two - time runs different on either side of the planet.

But the power goes to his head. He doesn’t start out evil and he doesn’t go intentionally evil. He takes out the corrupt government. He takes out all the villages surrounding it. People who wish to be free take up arms against him. Some of his own men start to stand against him. He takes them all on and wins battle after battle. Then some rebels enter the wall that had sprouted when he received his power. They found a dias and drank from the water. This released a haze from their body and they learnt to control it. They came back to continue the battle.

They won. They built a castle but none of that had drank the water took a place of power. A simple civilian but brilliant schemist and fighter took it to lead the people. He set gaurds about him over the years the haze users disappeared into the forest for they were forever hunted and needed to draw the enemy away from the innocent while they drew plans against him. Slowly our main bad guy has been taking these guys out one by one.

You can write this out as a prologue or have some back flash on it or some one talking about it or she could fall  into his memories.

Probably a better idea that she reads in his mind or heart or something later in the book but old ones can hint of storys that would suggest he was once a good guy.

That being the case of our guy he should be given the sort of name a farmers son would give his child...something inclusive of the word hay...thay ...sounds to girlie ...Drayhe ... jay yeah sounds really scary... Hael pronounced hay el or hail in mockery. 

Hael it is. 

Hael sets up command on his side of the wall. After he has the battle with the haze users he realises that he can still be beaten and delves into the science of the haze developing ways to make himself stronger. His first major breakthrough is the black mist that’s in the prologue. It is some years after this that selen goes to his side of the wall. He tries to absorb her haze but is stopped. Her haze had been awakned by the dish in the wall. 

For what is currently named haze i had an idea as to regards the aging and timing at the end of the book.

The boy, ray, when he reaches the top of the wall he meets someone, a god of sorts, or an ancient, or just afinds information hat explains the situation.

The girl, out on the other side of the wall, ages, comes back to the wall to heal the amythyst woman with the sword. 

All times meet in that scale. Ray dives into it and rescues Selen pulling her through back to the other side of the wall with flitz following. Togather with a mouse and a frind of selens some other tiny creature, they join on the other side as the wall crumbles and two times collide.Somehow they have to heal time or the book could end there and the healing of time could become a whole other thing.

The fact that he’s grabbed the young selen could heal her time but confuse her mind because the older selen would disappear taking the haze power with her, or not.. But this is where Hael come to his senses.

Down here?

Random Ideas. 

I'm full of them. I write things down as they pop into my head, i write down dreams i remember. feel free to use any of these ideas in this column in your own work. It's a free country.

Alright, get this. It was a dream I had recently about joker signs on the wall. brown signs. 3d swirly. You pressed these signs and a door opens. This girl got nicked by the jokers. I had a snake folowing me around trying to get me.

I got through the sign, I seem to remember this was a bit of a struggle. Tiny people inside (Gnomes?) yet they were my size (Did I shrink?). laid in mud to hide and got mud chucked on me but I blended in with them they all thought I was one of them.

Queen thought I was one of them (She was evil). There was a timed bridge impossible, seemingly, to crross without being seen by the queen lady

who had everyone working for her.(This played out like some annoying timed game)

Things went pretty much to hell but the jist was three bad jokers one evil queen girl nicked me and another guy (where'd he come from? why are we working together?) trying to nick her back. 

Alright here's a more recent one. Set in a castle . only remember a bit. Important girl in blue dress at bottom of castle in beautiful park for some reason and I had to talk to her. whatever was going on it seemed madly important I spoke to that girl. Running away from gaurds while horseback inside castle I jumped out of high window into some kind of  pond below to speak to girl thus evadaing loads of gaurds and having time to get to girl without dealing with gaurds at the bottom of hill. Don't remember much else but would loved to know what was happening.

Random one killing time in cafe opposite old church converted into store. Imagined a chase to liven up the boring day. Bad guy has me cornered pretty much in store, yet I am trying to corner him. (not doing much of a good job I might add) you'd do well to note that the bad guy was a lot like guy with fancy jacket in torchwood personality wise (and kind'a looks - I loved that guy what was his name... anyone remember let me know that's gonna drive me mad, Jacks friend time agent). I have him locked in shop but me also locked in shop with him. Him armed with big gun. I run down stationary aisle he on counter which resembled a stage he shot at me and the bullets hit the stairs as i ran down them. Another explosion again just behind me. He's laughing I only just make it down the stairs thinking fire exit get round the back of him when... "Okay, you ready to go?" "Darn it, I was just getting into this." I love chase seems, they get the adreniline pumping.

I started writing this one for a short story competition that had to encorporate fear. It wasn't working so I abandoned it, feel free to take it on.

‘It’s going to be another long, dark night. Just like the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that. The air is no longer easy to breathe and the ropes are burning my wrists and ankles. How do I get myself into these positions?’ Tia gritted her teeth together as the tide began to come in again. Angrily she threw the dirtiest look she could muster up to the rocks where her captors sat around their campfire but as she looked bacl at the incoming waves sobs of despair gathered in her throat.  It had been nearly a week now since they had grabbed her outside her apartment. Her dad still hadn’t sent the ransom money and something told her he wouldn’t bother. What would he care that one of his many children got murdered by these thugs. He had eight more and she was never his favourite.

It’s not that Tia was the type to wait to be rescued. This wasn’t the first time she had been in such a situation. Getting into fights with crooks was something she had excelled At since school. Not that she ever really had time for school. But this time, the crooks didn’t care about her enough to pay her much heed, and with that ammunition gone she couldn’t get them worked up enough for an escape. She had tried to run away that was why she could no longer feel her feet. They hadn’t cared. They just grabbed her and roped her ankles together. Her wrists were already tied up. Now, for having an insulting mouth they had left her at the tidal edge with a rope tying her back to a rock.

This is a Special Column.

It's your ideas. 

Anything you want to share? Send me an email at [email protected] leave your name (or pen name) and your random thought (or well worked over thought about thought) and I will place your it here for all to see and mull over.