The Lady in the Loft

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About Me

I am a house, whitewashed walls, Ivy climbing the side, roses growing all over the garden. A happy bubbling stream crosses my clover covered lawn and a path of beige marble bridges over it before bowing at my magnificently carved oak door. Butterflies fill my garden and fairies ride the lady bugs through the varying flowers that change in their own seasons.

Inside I'm full of many doors. Behind each one is a surprise, a face of me that people don't realise I have. That first door, the one on your left, don't open it. Those monsters can be cranky. Open the one on your right, duck. Yep, the elves in here are always causing mischief, they like a good joke and are always full of practical jokes. Make your way through this room - look out for the bubble wrap under the rug - go through the far door. If they haven't escaped again you should find a room full of happy gnomes. Rolling on the floor and laughing, walking around grinning like an idiot, those guys get loose all too often.

Back track, mind the elves, they may have left some bubble wrap on the floor to make you jump, find some of the back rooms deep insde me. You'll find a set of 3 doors. Red, Yellow, Blue. Primary colours, my primary thoughts. 

Red is wrong and yet right. Go inside. See the pain, I've never understood pain, we all hate it, but what kind of people would we be if it wasn't there to define us? Snobbish Upstarts? Go though the blue, see the tears. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of 'for heavens sake it's just a movie!' I love crying but only when I'm alone. Tears make you feel vulnerable but can also relieve stress, headaches, and long tense filled days. They're a good medicine. 

Step into the Yellow room. Welcome to my imagaination! This is where I spend most of my days. Over there, Free Runners - wish I could do that! Look! Robin Hood - an embodiment of courage with the will to do what's right. Giant Ladybugs - we go way back. Get Down! Those gangsters are out for blood. Watch where you're stepping! The mice are working down there. Amythyst Queen is still in pieces.


The centerpiece. A candle flkering light happily. The ever burning flame of my heart - my passion for creation. Understand? Neither do I. Welcome to my world.   

I have your message - be assured I will get back to you - I just have to wrestle it of the gnomes, practical jokers think it would be funny to prank email you an FBI warning. Hang on , I'll deal with them and get back to you as soon as possible.... Oh flip- Elves! Don't help them!
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