The Lady in the Loft

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The Doorway

Hello and welcome.

Step inside and make yourself that perfect cuppa, whether that means brewing a Strong Deep Tea, or a Milky Sweet one, a Dark 'n' Dangerous Coffee or a White Smooth Late, you may prefer the Decadence of a Hot Chocolate, or the Sweet Simplicity of Hot Water with a dash of Lemon. 

Once you have that perfect cuppa you are nearly ready. Go into your favorite writing hideout, close that door and lock the world outside, sit at your desk, or lounge on the floor in front of a roaring fireplace. Now take a deep breath and ... Smile. 

Are you there yet? Have you reached that perfect home of pure bliss? It's the simple things in life we need the most; a moment of peace, a calming moment to hear the gentle sound of our own breath.

Now you are ready.

Let your imagination run wild! 

A random thought that has come to mind: I have a links page with links to various competitions, and book reviewers. If you want me to link to your site (so long as it has something to do with writing or books) drop me a line on the contact page - in the 'About Me' section. 

The Lady in the Loft logo. some of you will have noticed it has changed again. The first one being Snowdrops (friends of mine) the new one being the one I use on the certificates. This logo was created by M.S. Pickering. An artist who has been to various art colleges and argued with most of the teachers over whether art has rules. We share the belief that their is no wrong way to do art, her grades agree with us. 

This particular drawing of hers is an old one. The flag once called out for Freedom but it has been changed to suit the needs of the imagination. She's a carefree soldier fighting to free imagination from the bores of everyday life. When the bookmarks, postcards and other advertising goods are made she will be featured on them, For instance the mini bookmarks will have her on the back in big.