The Lady in the Loft

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hello writers

Posted by [email protected] on October 10, 2014 at 9:20 AM

I know i haven't been around a lot this year, it's a long story but i have a lot going on.

Sulkng right now as my bike just broke down leaving me stranded in a village with 6 houses (my parents place) but i didn't sign in to sulk. :D

alright i did but i'm not gonna. This post is here to apologise for none of us being around as often as you are all used to. Emailsaren't getting looked at as quick (will do that next) but i promise you they are getting looked at and submissions are being rea. The anthology is being put together and illustrators are working hard to add colour and life to an already amazing book.

Now for the sad news, the lady in the loft may be shortlived. I am looking for someone to continue in my stead as I am having to leave it all behind in the new year (after this book has been published) I may have found someone but she won't be able to do so until the year after next. I may have found someone with the capability of stepping in for a year but i have my doubts. So next year 2015 the lady in the loft may go silent for a year. But if things turn out the anthology will open again in 2016. Not to worry though I will not abandon you entirely and wil still write pieces for the book itself and ensure it is still running in years to come, and maybe if things settle back down I will take it back under my wing but for now i'm finishing this year of writing then shifting my focus to getting life itself back in order.

Still this year is stil on! Keep your submissions coming, i shall start uploading artwork as it comes in. This year i also plan to publish 2 versions in paperback, a large - the same size as last year, and a smaller easier to handle version. (I will also make last years version available in small) this is for those select few who don't like a4 sizish books. I may also (but not definite yet) make a largeprint edition for those with problems of sight. Let me know if you think that's a good idea or if you have any ideas of your own, or if you think you can take care of the lady in the loft for a year and would like to know what it entails.

To all of you out there

Keep writing

The Lady in the Loft

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