The Lady in the Loft

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Posted by [email protected] on September 11, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Okay, this took me a while - mostly due to insane computor problems- but I have it up now.


here follows, in no particular order, a list of commendations for the stories I fell in love with for one reason or another. some, most will have comments next to them others wont, of your piece lacks a comment don't get upset, it's simply that with some submissions I don't understand why i love them so much, they're just soo good words fail me.


Here we go;


Heather Parker - Stranger in the Night (I felt for this kid, what a fantastic ending!)


HP Coates - Women of Stones and Flowers (Painted Pictures in my mind)


Leah Hallet - Significant Other (Great title)


Andrew Leonard - Victory or Death


PJ Merrell - Salvage (This one was simply amazing, one of my all time favs)


Ananya Dontula - Delusional, An Escape from Reality (Love this title)


James stark - The Way Out (Almost like a true story)


James C & Kaisy W - A Ferral Mind (Very Origional, great Imagination!)


Amanda Williams - Crossing the Border


Claire Constantine - The Snow Capped Nightmare (Creepy, made me feel cold)


Adele Rimington - The Vamoose Resort (Very imaginative story, a constant sense of something not being quite right.)


Taylor - Escaping from hope (a point of view i'd never considered before)


Shelley Ford - Same old Shoes (Gripping story)


Elizabeth Mayfield - Escaping my own Dissaster


Mari Nikolova - The Happiest Man on Earth


Joe Gibbs - Cancer


Marisa Orton - My Escape to Barcelona (This was funny)


Wesley Thomas - Mystery of the Farmers Field (W.O.W! Creepy, cool, unique.)


Lily Bird - Nobody Escapes


Kathryn Elswood - Jacks Dream (Cool this one, what an idea I loved it)


Mary Anne Sanders - The mississippi Gorilla (A Fresh Idea, very different)


Jim Brooks - Learning to Live. (Well written fight scene that I really enjoyed)


Cori Clow - Scarlet ribbon (Why do we dream? This one will stay with me a lifetime)


Christy Ku - Strawberry Money (Beautiful)


Julia Paul - The coming Storm (I can relate)


Jack Preston - The Prince and The Pigeon (Entertaing, made me smile)


Benjamin Hampshire - The Generation Game (Another Favorite - And so unique. If we had room for another winner...)




There was many more stories I enjoyed, but this was the top bunch that the judges fought over for the winners. Well Done, and well done to all the writers who took part, The amount of submissions this time around was simply staggering! Please take part in the next one, Authors Choice -if this means you are resubbitting a previous story (as long as its below 2000 words) then please do,




To all of you out there


Keep Writing


The Lady in the Loft

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